You already know you want to quit. You have your own reasons. Quit For Cause simply gives you one more – an opportunity to forever change someone’s life just by quitting smoking or cutting down and donating some of the money saved. Turn your bad habit into a good deed, a difficult time into an opportunity to make a difference. The more reasons you have to quit, the more likely you are to be successful. So join Quit For Cause movement and invite friends to support you – change your life and in the process, change the world. Use our calculator to see what you can do when you quit for cause!
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140 million children per year suffer from Vitamin A deficiency. Nearly 500,000 of these go blind. For just 25 cents vitamin angels provides vitamin A boosters for children in developing nations. That is the cost of half of a cigarette in New York or 1 cigarette in California. This simple procedure gives these children a chance at life that we take for granted. Vitamin Angels shows that even the smallest amount can make a huge difference. Learn More >>
In many developing nations, medical care is either incredibly expensive, or simply unavailable. Children born with cleft pallets are forced to live in shame and isolation, given no chance to succeed. For only $250, or a month’s worth of cigarettes for a routine smoker, SmileTrain sponsors cleft surgery for children, entirely changing their lives. Learn More >>

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Quit For Cause is getting ready launch our website. If you have comments/suggestions or want to volunteer to help further along our cause – please reach out to us