The charities are at the heart of the QFC movement. We select only the most efficient, highest rated charitable organizations. We pass 95% of your donations to these charities – you can be sure that your Quitting For Cause has a maximum possible impact. Our featured charities are the best fit for the Quit For Cause mission because they do something concrete and permanent. You know exactly how much money is needed to transform a life and by seeing who your money is helping you will be more motivated to quit forever.

Featured Charities

Clefts are a major problem in developing countries where there are millions of children suffering with unrepaired clefts. Most cannot eat or speak properly, aren’t allowed to attend school or hold a job and face very difficult lives filled with shame and isolation, pain and heartache.

The good news is every single child with a cleft can be helped with surgery that costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes.

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Vitamins save lives. Vitamin Angels is dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing availability, access and use of essential nutrients to children under five. Main programs that ensure maximum impact:

- Vitamin A supplementation to address vitamin A deficiency worldwide, a major underlying cause of child mortality and blindness around the world. 25 cents alleviates vitamin A deficiency in a child under five for one year and reduces overall child mortality by 23%.

- Multivitamin supplements for children under five and pregnant and lactating women to address devastating consequences of vitamin and mineral deficiency.

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Charity: water focuses on life’s most basic need -- water. Clean water transforms lives, communities and generations -- and at a surprisingly low cost. $20 can provide clean water for one person

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Want to quit for a different cause?
A lot of research has gone into choosing featured charities that are highly efficient and transform human lives in very concrete ways for relatively small amount of money: Smile Train - $250, Vitamin Angels - 0.25 cents, Charity:Water - $20 . If you have another charity in mind that you feel passionate about, you will have an option to choose it when you register on Quit For Cause.